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If you love travelling and want to share your travel story with the world, you have come to the right place.

Every traveller has a story to tell. If you recently travelled somewhere or visited your favourite place months ago and if you would like to share that amazing experience with the world then feel free to share your travel story with Travelxo. Travelxo will help you feature your travel story in its travelogues. Also, if you want to share your travelling knowledge and help fellow travellers by giving some advice or tips, then you are welcome to contribute your travel love here on Travelxo. You can submit the post (in the form of a guest post) to us via email. But before you decide to submit your guest post here, remember to meet the guest blogging guidelines mentioned below. Read carefully! It will be beneficial for you. Please don’t skip any point.

Here are some guidelines and tips to get started:

1. The content must be in the English language. If you want to write in another language, do discuss with me first.
2. Feel free to discuss the content idea with me before you pen it down completely.
3. Your post must be original. That means, it must be written by you and not previously published anywhere else, including your own blog/site.
4. Make sure you have images to go with your travel story, and you must have ownership over the images (include image credits when necessary, no images from internet please, unless you take them from Creative Commons or Stock Photos).
5. You can do a travelogue, travel article (500 words minimum) or a photo-story (8 images minimum). Both should tell a travel story and should also be useful for readers. An interesting story is always the best to read.
6. You can also include and embed the video in your content.
7. Travel stories can be from anywhere in the world but based on your personal experiences. There could be exceptions but discuss with me first.
8. I might need to edit the content before publishing if there are any grammatical errors and immoderate profanities in it. I might also edit the title (after having a chat with you) to have a wider reach and for better SEO.
9. Original, fresh, unique, authentic, current, relevant to our audience – that’s the kind of travel content we are looking for at Travelxo.
10. Finally, you must enjoy writing your travel story - if you love it, then the readers will love it too.

Advantages of Submitting Guest Posts (Travel Story) at Travelxo:

  • Get Known: Your guest post (travel story) will be shared on all the social media platform that Travelxo has in its arsenal.
  • Get Exposure: With each guest post, you will get one do-follow link to your website or blog and links to three social media pages of your choice. This will improve the search engine ranking of your site.


  • Content Ownership: Your guest post will be published at Travelxo only. It could not be republished or used anywhere in any form. With this, you are giving us the ownership of your submitted content.
  • Big No to Copy Paste: The guest post should be written by you and not copy paste from some other source.
Looking forward to your submissions!


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