Travelxo is the best travel destination online where you will find inspiration to travel, places to explore, travelogues written by experienced travellers, travel news, tips, guides, and more. The letters ‘xo’ in the title of the site represents love. Hence, this blog/website is all about the travel love. Travelling is our love and passion. Thus we call it as ‘Travelxo’.

Logo of Travelxo Blog.
Logo of Travelxo

Travelxo is a leading travel site by Ronak Sawant to share the love for travel. Ronak Sawant is an avid traveller, explorer and a free bird who loves to explore life. He is also a Writer and Poet and has a blog where he writes about life, philosophy, spirituality and living.

Created by a traveller to the travellers, Travelxo is for all the people who love to travel. It is the best place to visit for travel lovers (travellers). If you love travelling, then this is the blog/website that you must visit regularly!

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May you all travel and explore this beautiful world that we live in!

Happy Travelling!

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