Why do you travel?

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Why do you travel?

Every person likes to travel. Some people travel with family, some people travel with friends, while some people travel solo. Some people travel in a car, on a bike or using public transport, while some people travel taking lifts (hitchhiking). Some people travel to relax, enjoy and escape life, while some people travel because they love travelling. It doesn’t matter with whom you travel, where you travel or how you travel, what matters is why you travel.

If you travel often, then I am going to ask you a simple question. Why do you travel?

You know, when I asked this same simple question to myself, the traveller in me answered I travel because I love travelling. I love to explore and experience places. I love to feel the place that I’m in and find out the reason behind what makes this place so special. I love to know everything about that place and learn about anything the place has in store for me. I enjoy my life when I travel. I live my life when I travel. Life is a journey, and I am enjoying my journey being a Traveller.

What about you? Why do you travel?

Tell us your answer in the comment section below.

"If you travel with a reason or a purpose, then you are travelling right. But if you don’t know why you are travelling, then you are surely lost."
- Ronak Sawant



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