"Mountain is my second home!" - Ronak Sawant

Cover Photo: Mountain is my second home!
"Mountain is my second home!" - Ronak Sawant

They say home is where the heart is but my heart is free and belongs in the mountains.

The mountain is my second home. Whenever I come to the mountains, I feel like I returned home. I love the mountains. I have a relationship with the mountains. I am lost, in its beauty and simplicity. I am lost, seeing the view from the top of it. The fun of screaming from standing at the top of the mountain is the fun that is very different.

Feels good there!
Far from this noise.
Far from this crowd.
Far from this run.
Far from this delusion.
Far away, but close to my heart.

"Mountain is my second home!"
- Ronak Sawant
Ronak Sawant is the Founder, Owner, Writer and Editor of Travelxo. Apart from this, he is an Author of Ronak Sawant’s blog where he writes about life to inspire people and make a change in the world.
Ronak Sawant’s blog: https://ronaksawant.blogspot.com



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